Software and Hardware Upgrades for Competitors Products

The Graphical User Interface replaced the basic DOS 'table' interface a decade ago. Are you still using test equipment that only allows you to fill in the blanks and function-key through menus? Is your system unable to run a graphing program in one window while collecting data in another? Maybe you want the most basic conveniences such as saving and sharing data without interrupting a test. Have you ever wanted to add additional instrumentation to your existing fuel cell test station?  We can show you how to get the most out of your existing hardware. Contact us about improving the performance of your existing fuel cell test station by converting it to operate on Fideris Test Suite's FCPower™ fuel cell testing control software, the most powerful software in the fuel cell industry. Once you've installed FCPower™ software, upgrading instrumentation or adding 3rd party equipment is as easy as plug and play.  Click here to download a copy of the software manual for the Greenlight Technologies (Hydrogenics) Screener software upgrade.

It only makes sense. FCPower™ software has always been the leader in fuel cell test station control and fuel cell testing. It provides the user with the most flexibility in terms of both software control of the fuel cell test and hardware integration. The Fideris Test Suite includes the required software to upgrade or include dozens of third-party and in-house built equipment into the FCPower™ software and Fideris Test Suite™ control family. Allow us to include your existing hardware, either in-house built or from a competitor into our software to provide the following features.

  • Windows XP Operating System
    • Allows data to be shared without interrupting testing
    • Provides a true Multitasking environment
    • Built in networking
    • Most stable and widely supported operating system
  • TesSol's FCPower™ Fuel Cell Testing Software
    • Provides test automation through a standardized scripting language (Microsoft's VBScript)
    • Allows monitoring of the test station over a company network
    • Hosts a secure web site for monitoring the test station
    • User configuration of
      • Data Acquisition rate and conditions
      • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
      • Data conversions
      • Watchdog monitors
    • Allows additional hardware to be added to your existing system to complete your test requirements
      • Humidity transducers
      • Power supplies
      • High speed data acquisition systems
      • Cell voltage monitoring
      • AC impedance systems
      • Loads
      • Analytical instruments such as GC and MS

After the software upgrade, your hardware will appear as an icon with all other recognized equipment, providing all of the scripting, data storage, data transfer, file sharing, and all other features of FCPower™ testing software.

TesSol Incorporated can port our FCPower™ testing control software over to your hardware. Using your existing communications such as Ethernet, RS-232, RS485, CAN Bus, IEEE-488, and others, we can cost effectively write an interface to existing hardware. Additionally, TesSol Incorporated can provide I/O such as National Instruments Fieldpoint, Yokogawa's MX100, and Fideris Brand® systems to directly control any combination of solenoid valves, mass flow controllers, pressure regulators, temperature controllers, etc.

Join the most supported fuel cell testing software family in the industry. Please call for a quotation on making your existing fuel cell test equipment, or your fuel cell testing equipment under any stage of development, recognized by FCPower™ control software.

1) The upgrade to FCPower™ software requires that the customer or a third party remove the Hydrogenics software or the entire embedded computer prior to the upgrade.

2) The upgrade to FCPower™ software does not use or modify the existing sofware platform, but is an entirely new software package designed to provide enhanced automation and expand the customer's testing capabilities by providing support for third party hardware and software.

3) This upgrade may void any existing warranty from Hydrogenics.




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