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To report a bug: Fill out the form below OR email us.
Please include a detailed description and screenshots of the problem.
Remember, you can always call us if you need help.
To take a screenshot: 
Widows XP and older: Look for the 'Print Screen" key at the upper right of your keyboard. Press 'Print Screen' when you are at the screen you would like to capture.
If you are using the form below open a program like Paint (Start>All Programs >Accessories>Paint), press ctrl+v to paste the screenshot into paint. Save the file as a JPEG or other image. Browse to the image from the 'Image Upload' field below to attach the image. 
If you prefer to send an email you can paste your screenshots directly in to the body of the email or attach them. 
Windows 7: Navigate to Start>All Programs >Accessories>Snipping Tool. Once the tool is open click "New" in the top left and drag a box around the area you wish to capture. Save the image and insert it in your email or upload it using the form below.
Mac OS X:  To take a screen shot of the entire screen, press  Cmd+Shift+3, or to take one of a chosen area of the screen by Cmd+ Shift+4. This screenshot will be saved to your desktop, with one PNG file per attached monitor. If you want the screenshot to be copied to the clipboard instead, hold down Ctrl while taking either a full or select screenshot. Proceed to either upload the image on the form below, or you can include or attach it to an email.
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