Tophat Furnace

The Fideris® high-temperature top-hat furnace features a top hat lifting mechanism and is available with a computer controlled clamping mechanism with force feedback for the device under test. Ideal for materials testing and high temperature fuel cells, such as solid oxide, the furnace and clamping mechanism provide the user with computer controlled temperature and clamping force profiles to change and maintain stack compression independent of temperature or tie rod expansion. The top hat design and innovative lift mechanism provides full access to the device under test from all sides while the base plate provides a large area available for feed-through of gas, current, sensors, or other process feeds. Available in various sizes ranging from 8” cube to 36” cube and operating temperatures from ambient to 1200°C.

The furnace temperature controller provides PID control of the temperature of the device or process as well as over temperature limit protection of the furnace. Computer interface via serial or Ethernet is standard and full-automation control software included.


Specifications of the Tophat Furnace
75 psi
300 lb
250 ۫C/hr
1200 ۫C
See dataplate
2-way Pneumatic switch near top of frame
2-way Pneumatic Switch on front leg of frame
Two Pull-Style Safety Knobs on front of cage assembly
1/8” tube instant tube fitting
1/8” swage compression fitting
Type K Thermocouple
Hubble HBL2421 4-pin Twist-Lock 20A, 250V, 3 Phase
14 position AMP CPC 206044-1
7 position AMP CPC 211400-1
Height: 72”, Width: 29.5”, Depth: 24”
275 lbs
40°F to 100°F; 85% RH
Sufficient to work around the device
1/2” - 4 places
18” x 27” Centers
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