Third-Party Hardware Integration

Integrate third-party hardware into your fuel cell testing!

Fideris FCPower™ software provides Plug-and-Play expandability to a wide variety of third party hardware. When the software starts, all available interfaces are searched (internal bus, IEEE-488, RS-232, RS-485, ethernet, etc.) and when recognized components are found they become fully integrated into the software. Component variables and controls are visible in the FCPower™ software program allowing full interaction with the balance of the test system.

Recognized instruments include:


8 Thermocouples (Adam-4018)
Analog Inputs (Adam-4017)
Output Relay (Adam-4060)
Data Acquisition Module (Adam-4016)


Load (FC-100)
Smart Guard


Milliohm Meter (4338B)
Digital Volt Meter (34970A)
Multiplexer (3499A)


Air Cooled Load Bank (RBL488 Series)
Water Cooled Load Bank (WCL488 Series)


FCTS Screener System
12kW LAA System

National Instruments

Analog Input/Output (AT-MIO-16DE-10)
Digital Input/Output (DIO 6533)


Temperature Controllers


MicroSAM Software Client/Server


Humidity Transducers (HMP238 A2A2B1AA12C1A3B)
Humidity Transducers, Heated (HMP247 D2A2B2AA12E1C2B)


Temperature Controllers (982 Series for Furnace; 96 Series)


10 Channels, 100 millisecond, DCV/TC/RTD/DI (MX110-UNV-M10)
10 Channels, 100 millisecond, DCV/TC/RTD/DI, external terminal (MX110-UNV-M10/N)
4 Channels, 10 millisecond, DCV/TC/RTD/DI (MX110-UNV-H04)
10 Channels, 10 millisecond, Non-voltage, level 5v, open collector (MX115-D05-H10)
10 Channels, 10 millisecond, Non-voltage, level 5v, open collector, external terminals (MX115-D05-H10/N)
MX100 Data Acquisition Main Module (MX100 -E, -1, -D, -W)
Base plate and back plate for MX100 (MX150)
MX100 Output Module (MX125-MKC-M10)


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FCPower™ software allows your fuel cell test station to expand as needs change through the addition of third-party hardware. Temperature controllers, high-speed data acquisition, humidity transducers, power supplies, etc., are completely integrated through software. Testing Solid Oxide Fuel Cells? No problem, FCPower™ software seamlessly integrates ovens and other support equipment. Additional or custom hardware may be integrated if you have a specialized requirement!