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FCPower™ Tutorials

Feature by feature, task by task, these tutorials show users how to capture the power of the FCPower™ software. Become an expert with Fideris software tutorials

Chart Manager --real time plotting of parameters of interest in bar charts, strip charts, and many other types of charts. (8:00)
Custom Control --provide simple relational control of variables, including those variables controlling hardware (4:49)
Custom Data -- use expressions to manipulate variables, change units, and otherwise ease the testing burdon (self-paced)
Custom Monitor --view the test to suit your preferences. Add controls, displays, and graphs, and even include scripts. (18:52)
Event Manager --Take remote control and monitoring to a new level. Whether the news is good or bad, have the test station contact you. Have the system send an e-mail, page, or text message when a user defined event happens. (self-paced)
Log Manager --isn't this what it is all about? Collect and store the information as desired in MS Excel format, MS Access format, or both! (self-paced)
Manager Overview --See how the software is divided into functional groups (7:51)
Playback Manager --automate your testing without programming. Set the software to step through predefined action tables. (8:13)
Script Manager --VBScript provides the ultimate in automation. Why learn a homebrewed automation language when you can use Microsoft's VBScript? (6:10)
Serial Manager --talk to other devices quickly and easily. Use your computer's RS-232 port to bring other hardware into the test. (self-paced)


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