Grayhill based I/O Unit


  • Available outputs include: Digital AC, Digital DC, and Analog
  • Available inputs include: Digital AC and DC, Contact Closure, Analog, and Temperature
  • Custom I/O signals available
  • Front panel I/O signals include LED's, alarms, and switches
  • System wide control of all Fideris® FCTS equipment using FCPower™ Software.


Specifications for Grayhill based I/O Unit
120 VAC (208/220/240 optional)
60 Hz (50 Hz optional)
Depends upon configuration- 2 Amps nominal
Back: 6, RH: 0, LH: 0, Top: 0
Front Panel Controls and Displays
Any combination of LEMO connectors, mini thermocouples, LED's, alarms, switches
Back Panel Connections
IEC-320 (mating cord provided)
RS485 DB9 Line voltage receptacles


This unit was manufactured from 1998 through 2007 and is no longer in production.Please refer to the Innovator I/O module for current equipment. Information is provided for reference only.

The Fideris® I/O system is the ideal instrument to extend fuel cell test system control to additional equipment. The I/O unit is designed to control, monitor, record, and automate a complete test setup beyond the basic parameters measured or controlled by each unit. The user may mix and match inputs and outputs up to a maximum of 63.

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