Gas Dilution and Blending

Generate Precise Gas Mixtures for Calibration Standards
Fuel Cell Test Station
•   Individual gas flowrates up to 2500 slpm per module
•   Modules can be combined to provide mixing from percent levels to ppb
•   Standard gas delivery modules provide 100:1 turndown of the gas (i.e.,
    from full scale to 1% of full scale)
•   Extended range gas delivery modules include dual MFC to provide 500:1
    turndown (i.e., from full scale to 0.2% of full scale)
•   Gas ratio control mode provides for automated blending of each gas as a
    percentage of the balance gas
•   Primary gas may operate in forward pressure mode so that blended gas is
    generated at the rate of consumption while blend-ins maintain their specified ratio
    to the primary gas
•   Real time display and logging of gas flow rates and setpoints for confirmation
    and record archiving
•   Software recipes can include not only fixed blending but dynamic blending with
    real-time scripting control
•   Optional fail-safe purge to provide fall-back gas flow under power loss or
    emergency stop conditions
•   High purity version available with metal seal flow controllers, valves, and
•   Options include external pressure sensor monitoring of feed gas, output,
    surge tanks, etc.

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