Excess Inventory Grayhill I/O modules

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70G-IDC5 3-32 VDC input
70G-IDC5S Dry Contact Input
70G-IAC5  120VAC input
70G-IAC5A 230VAC input 
70G-OAC5  120VAC  switched output
70G-OAC5A 230VAC switched output
73G-ITCT Type T Thermocouple input
73G-ITCK  Type K Thermocouple input
73G-IV100M 0-100 mV DC input
73G-IV50M 0-50mV DC input
73G-IV1 0-1V DC input
73G-IV5 0-5V DC input
73G-IV10B -10V to 10V bipolar DC input
73G-OV5   0-5V DC output
73G-OI020   4-20 mA current output
73G-OV10 0-10V DC output
70GCK8 8-channel G5 rack
70GCK16 16-channel G5 rack
70GRCQ24 24-channel G5 rack
70GRCM32 32 channel G5 rack

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