Environmental Chamber Systems

Features Include: 

  • Ability to saturate and trim up to 1 SLPM gas flow
  • Dewpoint control accurate to 0.01°C
  • Humidifiers capable of achieving 100% saturation
  • Trim condenser
  • Optional water recovery
  • Optional heated transfer line control
  • Flash evaporation
  • Relative or absolute humidity control
  • Real time control of %RH from 0% to 100% with step change times measured in seconds
  • Humidifier bypass
  • Resolution and range of gas flow may be expanded with the use of parallel mass flow controllers
  • Used with a Fideris® Humidifier system to provide heated transfer line temperature control
  • System-wide control of all Fideris® components using FCPower™ Software, Labview™, or other software
  • Hardwired Run/Standby signal integrated through the whole system
  • Front panel LED status of Ethernet communications, identification, enable, and power
  • Ethernet Interface for simple configuration and expansion!

Options for Humidity Control: 

Options for Temperature Control: 

  • Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitters
    • Over 100 different models to choose from for temperature, pressure, and humidity specifications guaranteed
      to meet your needs
  • Use of mass flow controllers to control the exact amount of water per liter of gas
  • Closed loop process with humidity sensors

    Options for Fluid Control: 

    • Standard: Watlow temperature controllers with open-loop break detection and multiple outputs for control and alarms
    • OMEGA® temperature controllers or other customer specified temperature controllers available upon request
      • Standard: Alicat mass flow controllers accurate to 0.2% of full scale flow
      • Bronkhorst mass flow controllers or other customer specified mass flow controllers available upon request


Our customers tell us that we do humidity control for controlled atmospheres better than anyone in the industry!!  Depending on the target application, we can provide systems that operate in either a relative humidity mode or an absolute humidity mode.  Our relative humidity modules deliver a 100%RH at the target dewpoint and are available with an optional gas divider system to allow the unit to deliver 0-100% RH with a response time of only a few seconds.

If ultra stability is what you need, we have precision systems that can hold the target dewpoint to within 0.01°C !!

Systems are also available with temperature monitoring and control, pressure monitoring and control, and a wide array of inputs and outputs for tight integration with whatever process is at hand.

Fideris physical process control and monitoring modules are a natural fit to many environmental chamber atmosphere control applications. Our turn-key systems can control not only the gas mixture and humidity, but also chamber temperature and pressure. Additional modules can control fans, pumps, drains, ambient monitors, and any other component utilized in your controlled atmosphere system.