FCPower Testing Features

FCPower™ software is a software system used to monitor, control, and automate test instrumentation including:


User-Friendly Graphical User Interface:

  The user interface for FCPower™ control software was designed from the ground up to be intuitive for fuel cell testers. It is highly graphical in nature and provides a streamlined presentation for standard fuel cell operations. A stock front panel is provided with each instrument which may be modified and customized.


Continuous Data Logging:

  The FCPower™ software facilitates fuel cell testing by providing a system where user selected data can be logged to a database file based on user-specified triggers. Data can then be saved in CSV format or as a database file. CSV formatted files can be opened by many standard data manipulation programs such as Microsoft Excel, SigmaPlot, Origin, etc. Databases available include Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle Database.


Real-Time Graphing of Any Variable Versus Any Other Variable:

  The real-time graphing portion of FCPower™ testing software allows users to plot any number of variables versus any single variable or time. This feature is useful for developing real-time polarization curves or tracking cell performance across temperature ranges. The various graphing and charting options include strip charts and bar graphs.


High Degree of Versatility Through Scripting:

  A key goal of the FCPower™ software design team was to allow users to write scripts in VBScript which can manipulate any or all of the FCTS components to affect test routines not even envisioned by the design team.


Custom Monitor Toolbox:

  Use the toolbox to create virtual instrument panels which meet the user's specific testing needs. VBScripts can be associated with controls on the Custom Monitor to further enhance the user's ability to create the perfect front panel for any given test.


Dynamic Discovery of FCTS Components:

  To facilitate ease of use, FCPower™ software dispenses with complicated software setup routines by dynamically identifying the FCTS components present on the Ethernet.


Event Manager Notification System:

  The FCPower™ software can page or e-mail the user when a user-specified condition or event occurs.


Third Party Instrument Control:

  FCPower™ software is not just for Fideris® Test Suite anymore. Now use all the power and versatility of FCPower™ testing software to control third party instruments such as Agilent's Milliohmmeter, Multiplexer, Voltmeter, and GC, AeroVironment's Load, TDI's Dynaload, Watlow and Omega temperature controllers, Advantech ADAM modules, Vaisala Humidity Probes, Yokogawa Data Acquisition Modules, and many other commonly used hardware.


Timer Feature:

  With the FCPower™ control software Timer feature, elapsed time and start and stop timestamps of multiple experiments can be recorded. User-specified experimental conditions are used to trigger the timer to start and stop as desired.


Remote Operation:

  The FCPower™ software offers two options for remote monitoring and control of experiments. First, operation of FCPower™ control software from a remote computer provides the same capabilities for monitoring (and optionally controlling) experiments as when utilizing FCPower™ software on the host computer (computer connected directly to the test equipment). Second, by utilizing WebProxy the user can remotely monitor and control their test through a secure, hosted website.


Safety Features:

  -Combustible and toxic gas monitoring with audible alarm and automated instrument shutdown
-Programmable fuel cell shutdown voltage
-Automated safety shutdown sequence 


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