Turn Key System Examples

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PEM Fuel Cell Test Systems

PEM Fuel Cell Test Systems Utilizing Fideris Innovator Series Modules including fully automated humidifiers, gas blending with a failsafe purge, temperature control, exhaust gas backpressure, and real time monitoring of pressures, temperatures, and voltages.  If you can sketch it, describe it, or otherwise spec it out, we can deliver a fully customized solution in a neat, well documented package using standardized modules.

SOFC Fuel Cell Test Systems

With hundreds of SOFC and PEM fuel cell test systems in operation, fuel cell test systems has truly been our bread and butter product for the last 20 years.  Our typical solid oxide fuel cell systems will include a furnace (typically tube or tophat), reactant delivery (usually including simulated reformate blending), flash evaporation humidification (allowing for mixing ratio or molar % control), electronic load, and system glue including pressure monitoring, temperature monitoring,...

Environmental Chamber Systems

Our customers tell us that we do humidity control for controlled atmospheres better than anyone in the industry!!  Depending on the target application, we can provide systems that operate in either a relative humidity mode or an absolute humidity mode.  Our relative humidity modules deliver a 100%RH at the target dewpoint and are available with an optional gas divider system to allow the unit to deliver 0-100% RH within seconds of receiving the request.


Gas Dilution and Blending

Gas mixing and blending systems to automatically create precision gas mixtures for combustion, device testing, shield gas for welding, atmosphere control, calibration standards, analytical research, production, QA/QC, bio-reactors, and countless other applications.