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Agilent 4338B Milliohm Meter

Want to measure cell or stack impedance? Skip the current interrupt method and go straight to AC injection. Connect the Agilent milliohm meter across the stack, connect to a IEEE-488 bus, and bring the power of AC impedance into your test program.



Agilent 34970 Digital Volt Meter

Agilent's DVM is compatible with Fideris FCPower™ software, bringing additional high-resolution measurements into your fuel cell testing program. Couple with Agilent's mulitplexer for rapid scanning of multiple voltages such as individual cell voltages.

Agilent 3499A Multiplexer

Agilent's multiplexer allows one instrument, such as their DVM or milliohm meter, to automatically be switched between multiple inputs. Program the range of channels to be scanned, the scan rate, and acquire data seamlessly with Fideris FCPower™ control software.

Yokogawa's MX100 High Speed Data Acquisition System

Providing both analog and digital I/O, Yokogawa's MX-100 has been specifically designed for fuel cell testing. With temperature acquisition rates of up to 10 Hz and voltage acquisition of up to 100 Hz, this modular I/O provides a cost effective solution for high-count instrumentation.

Optica Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

The Optica simultaneously measures dew point, temperature and pressure. The analyzer is equipped with programmable math functions to produce custom units. In, exp +, -, x and / functions enable derived engineering units to be displayed, recorded and transmitted to data acquisition systems. The analyzer input channel is a standard 4 to 20 mA/0 to 5 VDC input, so the Optica can be connected to any type of process transmitter and be configured to display engineering units.

AMREL's Programmable Electronic Loads

American Reliance's air-cooled, programmable loads from 60 Watts up to 100 kW. Constant Voltage, Current, Resistance, or Power operating modes, Input voltages from 1 to 600V, currents to 1200 Amps. GPIB and RS232 Interface as well as 0-10V analog programming. With AMREL loads, users enjoy the same plug-and-play operation with Fideris FCPower™ software as other Fideris® built loads. For water cooled...

Vaisala HMP240 Humidity Transducer

For PEM Fuel Cell Reactant Gas Humidity Measurements Relative humidity, dewpoint, and reactant gas temperature become trivial measurements with Vaisala's heated humidity transducer. Operate at 100% RH in pressurized reactant gas streams, suitable for hydrogen, reformate blends, oxygen, and air. Use the humidity sensor as a near-real time analysis of the state of hydration in your PEM fuel cell. ...

Agilent MicroGC

The Agilent 3000 Micro GC allows for a fast analysis at your sampling point. It allows immediate access to the data, calculated to specifications, and also allows forwarding of data for off-line processing.