Heating, Cooling & Environmental

Products that provide heating and cooling flexibility to your test system

Products Available:

  • Thermal Management Systems: The Fideris® Thermal Management Unit is used to control and monitor the temperature of a fuel cell by providing the fuel cell with temperature-controlled recirculating liquid. For added safety, the Fideris Hardwired Emergency Stop system is integrated into the unit.
  • Tophat Furnance: The Fideris® high-temperature top-hat furnace features a top hat lifting mechanism and is available with a computer controlled clamping mechanism with force feedback for the device under test. Ideal for materials testing and high temperature fuel cells, such as solid oxide, the furnace and clamping mechanism provide the user with computer controlled temperature and clamping force profiles to change and maintain stack compression independent of temperature or tie rod expansion.
  • Heated Transfer Lines: When operating under high %RH conditions, prevent condensation of water in the fuel cell feed reactant gas with these heated transfer lines placed between the reactant gas humidifier and the fuel cell. Built to customer specified length, available in standard sizes from 1/4" to 2" in diameter. Choose between teflon lined or stainless steel, and select operating voltage. Thermocouple and cord designed to mate with Fideris® humidifiers.
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