Gas Humidification

Process gas Dewpoint humidifiers and Water Content Humidification

The Fideris has many types of humidification systems available including:

  • Bubble type (dewpoint)
  • Real time liquid water metering
  • Flash evaporation
  • Live steam injection
  • Highly accurate saturate-and-trim humidifiers 

The Fideris humidifiers integrate seamlessly with over a hundred other physical process control modules in the Fideris product line. Available as stand-alone units or complete turn-key systems, Fideris brand equipment covers nearly all aspects control and monitoring for test systems, reactors, laboratory automation, sensor testing, environmental chamber atmosphere control, quality control, and many other applications.

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Modules Available

  • Bubble Humidifier for Dewpoint humidification control
  • Reactant Gas Humidifier
  • Flash Evaporator for Absolute humidification control
  • Saturate and Trim for high accuracy dewpoint humidification of process gas
  • Ultra Precision Dewpoint with stability of 0.05 °C
  • Live Steam Humidifier