Force Control & Monitoring

Standard Features

  • Available as manual control or computer control with manual fallback
  • Integral force controller with scaling and PID tuning
  • Manual failsafe force adjustment for standby or loss of power
  • Front panel display of force (also setpoint and status on computer-controlled version)
  • Excitation output for load cell
  • Ethernet Interface for simple configuration and expansion! (also available with serial interface)
  • System-wide control of all Fideris® Test System components using FCPower™ Software, Labview™ , or other programming language
  • Integrated hardwired run/standby signal
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) for redundant control power (computer-controlled model only)

Specifications of Force Control Module

Electrical and Control Air Requirement

  • Control Voltage: 26-50VDC
  • Maximum Control Air Pressure: 150 PSI (10.34 Bar)

Front Panel Controls and Displays

  • Operation Mode Switch *: Manual, External, Auto
  • Manual Force Adjust: Failsafe, manual pressure regulator
  • Force Display: 3-digit LED
  • Unit Status *: LCD with backlight
  • Communications *: Tx, Rx, Ident LEDs
  • Inlet Pressure Status *: LED illuminates above threshold pressure
  • Enabled / Standby Status *: Enabled LED
  • *Applies to computer-controlled models only 

Back Panel Connections

  • Power/Run/Standby: Molex 39660-1004
  • Data Connection: Computer-controlled model: RJ 45 (8P8C) Ethernet; RS-232 available as serial option on manual version
  • Control Air Inlet / Outlet: 1/8” Swagelok tube fitting (metric fittings or instant tube fittings available)
  • Load Cell: 4 pin AMP CPC (Female)
  • Excitation Voltage Output: 12VDC

Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: Manual or Serial: 1U Rack Space Computer Controlled: 2U Rack Space; 19” rack mount; 21” deep
  • System Weight: Manual: 12 lbs, Computer-Controlled:15 lbs Operating Environment: 40°F to 100°F; 85% RH
  • Cabinet Location: Indoors
  • Clearance for Operation: Front: 6”, Back: 6”, Sides: 0”, Top: 0”
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​Modules Avalable

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