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Need help developing your own automation routines and GUI? TesSol, Incorporated now offers FREE support in writing automation scripts, remote monitoring websites, and custom user interfaces to make the most use of your Fideris brand equipment.
Fideris Test Suite Software

Competitive Products Upgrades

The Graphical User Interface replaced the basic DOS 'table' interface a decade ago. Are you still using test equipment that only allows you to fill in the blanks and function-key through menus? Is your system unable to run a graphing program in one window while collecting data in another? Maybe you want the most basic conveniences such as saving and sharing data without interrupting a test. Have you ever wanted to add additional instrumentation to your existing fuel cell test station...

Third-Party Hardware Integration

FCPower™ software allows your fuel cell test station to expand as needs change through the addition of third-party hardware. Temperature controllers, high-speed data acquisition, humidity transducers, power supplies, etc., are completely integrated through software. Testing Solid Oxide Fuel Cells? No problem, FCPower™ software seamlessly integrates ovens and other support equipment. Additional or custom hardware may be integrated if you have a specialized requirement!