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When was the last time you received an upgrade to your existing software? All customers running FCPower™ software on Fideris® equipment, and all customers running FCPower™ software on competitors equipment receive not only maintenance releases, but complete upgrades including all the new features FREE OF CHARGE!!!!!

Below is a list of features to be added as well as recent enhancements and additions to Fideris FCPower™ Software.

Existing users simply need to contact us for updated software!


Introduction Date



Target: November 2004 Solartron 1252 and 1260  
Target: October 2004 CAN driver interface  
October 2004 Custom monitor updates New alignment tools allow easier layout of controls in a grid, and the MTK no longer requires a configuration file if no Generic I/O channels are used
October 2004 OCP Server Support Tested with the Rockwell OCP test client and Matlab, FCPower™ software supports synchronous reads and writes
October 2004 Agilent 3000 MicroGC  
August 2004 SQL Server and Oracle Support  
May 2004 Hydrogenics (Greenlight) Screener Software Upgrade  
June 2004 Hydrogenics (Greenlight) FCATS Software Upgrade  
January 2004 Agilent 3499A Multiplexer  
December 2003 Website Hosting Allow FCPower™ software to host a secure website for test monitoring and status
December 2003 Network control and monitoring Allows monitoring and control of the test system over a company network
November 2003 Yokogawa MX100 High-speed data acquisition unit
August 2003 National Instruments Fieldpoint Interface Integration of National Instruments Fieldpoint hardware to FCPower™ software
July 2003 SMBus Scripts for communication over the Smart Battery Bus
May 2003 Vaisala Humidity Transducer Interface Integration of Vaisala Humidity transducers
April 2003 Variable Enhancement Allows the use of string variables throughout FCPower™ software including Custom Monitor, Script, and others
March 2003 Event Manager Allows FCPower™ control software to email, phone, or page
February 2003 Instrument GUI update Allows users to create and define the default instrument graphical users interface and instrument name
January 2003 Custom Logging export update Direct Logging to Excel and Access
August 2002 Chart Manager line type update Allows the user to use bar graphs and specify line type and color in charts
July 2002 Serial Manager Allows users to integrate basic RS-232 devices into FCPower™ software 


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