Do Not Try to Force Fit Me Into An All-In-One Test Stand

DON’T TRY TO FORCE FIT ME INTO AN ALL-IN-ONE TEST STAND “I’m not a square peg, I just need test equipment that provides capabilities matched to my tests. The Fideris Innovator Series test system provides all the flexibility, safety automation, and future expansion we need; built-in from the start.” The Fideris Brand Innovator Series™ provides the ultimate in test stand capabilities with standardized modules; and protects your investment through easy reconfiguration of both the equipment and software to match future testing requirements. Modular, fully automated operation, Ethernet interface. All of the capabilities you expect from the technology leader in fuel cell testing equipment. Modules to provide physical control and monitoring of nearly any testing process are available, including: Gas and liquid delivery and blending Temperature, pressure, and force control and measurement; Low impedance electronic loads optimized for fuel cell testing and evaluation; Humidification