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Jonathan Lovegrove 

Welcome to the Fideris® website. Fideris® Brand testing, process control, and automation equipment, manufactured by IND, Inc., represents the most innovative testing solutions for research, quality control, and production testing in the areas of fuel cells, catalysts, sensors, materials, and many other closely related and diverse applications. TesSol is your partner for Testing Solutions and the Fideris product line of laboratory and industrial testing equipment are the most capable and versatile in the world. Partnering with TesSol, guarantees that your technology stays your technology- without the possibility of your technology or information bleeding over into someone else's research programs.

Above all else, we help customers solve complex R&D challenges, evaluate and validate product performance, maximize research productivity, and lower testing costs.

Our leading-edge test equipment, software, components, and services are offered as individual modules or turn-key, fully customized solutions - addressing many test industries including sensor testing, materials testing, catalyst evaluation, laboratory automation, and fuel cell testing.

In the field of fuel cells, since the 1990s our fuel cell test stations have been used around the world on fuel cells and subsystems of all sizes (from milliwatts to 150 kW), all chemistries (e.g., PEMFC, SOFC, DMFC), all types (micro, small, large), and many fuels (hydrogen, diesel, natural gas, gasoline, reformate, etc.).

We continually provide our customers with the most innovative testing equipment available. We were the first to offer computer-controlled, automated fuel cell test stations. We were the first to offer ultra-low impedance electronic loads, the first to offer a graphical user interface, the first to offer full automation through scripting, and the first to offer dozens upon dozens of other novel testing features and capabilities.  If you are ever going to see a feature or capability in testing equipment, chances are you will see it in Fideris Brand testing equipment first.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us!

Jonathan Lovegrove 

Company Products

IND, LLC. offers the widest range of laboratory and production line testing equipment in the industry. Our Fideris® Brand Testing equipment is used for catalyst testing, research and production evaluation of fuel cells and fuel cell systems of all chemistries and power ratings, sensors and monitors such as exhaust NOx and oxygen sensors, personal protection monitors, ambient detectors and monitors, support for environmental chambers, on-site high-purity gas dilution systems and many other diverse applications. We offer both all-in-one test stands which are targeted to specific applications and our extremely versatile and powerful Innovator Series™ modular products which provides custom solutions using off the shelf products.

Since the introduction of our product line in the mid 1990s, we continue the tradition of providing the most innovative testing solutions available to our customers. For more information, please visit our Product page.

Company History

The company all started with TesSol, Incorporated from a group within Lynntech Incorporated, a privately held corporation, which has been in the fuel cell development business since 1990. Testing fuel cells in 1993 and faced with the "build vs. buy" decision, Lynntech began the design, fabrication, and refinement of fuel cell test stations for their own research. Following the issuance of their fuel cell testing patent in 1996, Lynntech, Inc., began the commercial offering of PEM test equipment in the 100 Watt to 1 kW operating range. As demand for Lynntech's fuel cell test equipment grew, Lynntech Industries was formed in 2001 to concentrate on the manufacturing, sales, marketing, and servicing of fuel cell test equipment. As the worldwide customer base continued to grow, Lynntech Industries eventually offered the broadest product line in the fuel cell and catalyst support industry, extending to all fuel cell types, all power levels, and at any stage in the development and testing cycle. With the securing of Series A Equity Financing, Lynntech Industries accomplished another truly significant milestone. Long recognized as a leader in Fuel Cell Support Technologies, this new company, named Fideris® Incorporated, was created. In March of 2006, the Fideris® assets including all software and IP were purchased by TesSol, Incorporated in its entirety from the shareholders of Fideris, Incorporated. In the spring of 2008, the company was moved to the Pacific Northwest in the town of Battle Ground, Washington; located just north of Portland, Oregon. The Fideris® assets including all software and IP were purchased by IND, LLLC. in late 2016. IND, LLC. continues to be a leading independent provider of test solutions in the fuel cell market - a key differentiator in an industry where confidentiality of information is essential. For more information about Fideris®, please see our press releases.

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